Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of gear do you use?
In 2014, I decided to all of my Nikon gear behind and use my iPhone camera exclusively and I have never looked back. Instead of carrying 15KG of camera gear around, I now only have to carry my iPhone, a tripod and a grip. Whilst I have lost the ability to take extreme zoom and macro images, it has forced me to be more creative in the way I capture images, and I love it.
A typical field kit includes the following:
-Apple iPhone XS Max (I mainly use "Pro Camera" app)
-Apple iPad Pro 10.5"
-Apple Pencil
-Cygnett 6,000mAh Portable Power Bank
-Manfrotto tripod and head
-Shoulderpod S1 Smartphone Grip
-Kathmandu Transit RFID Pouch v2
Do you ever "Photoshop" your images?
I only use Lightroom and Photoshop for basic “lab” procedures, such as getting rid of dust spots, minor colour correcting, or cropping. I do not do any major Photoshop work to any of my images.
Do you ever hire assistants?
I occassionaly take on work experience students as part of their university course requirements. Please contact via email to enquire if there are any open positions at this time.
What is your favourite subject to shoot?
I like photographing the world's natural and cultural beauty, such as deserts, rainforests, ancient temples and relics, wildlife and anything else that captures my eye.
Do you use much flash or other artificial lighting in your photography?
I hate flash and use it only when it is absolutely necessary. For my landscape, travel and wildlife photography it is extremely rare for me to use flash, as I prefer to use natural light. I believe that most things look better in natural light then they do with using flash, or other artificial lighting.
How did you get your start in photography?
My interest in photography started when I was around fifteen. I am a completely self taught photographer, and I have never taken any photography courses. although I wish I had, as I'm sure it woudl have helped in my early days! To learn about photographic techniques I would (and still do) read a lot of photographic books (mainly online now). Early on when I first decided I wanted to do photography professionally, I made the decision that I wanted to work as a freelance photographer and not work for someone else. That decision meant that I still had to work other jobs for many years before I built the photography business up to a level where I could live off of my photography income alone. I still believe that it was the best decision I made.
Ken Goldstein on location, Giza Egypt, August 2017

Giza Egypt, August 2017

Ken Goldstein on location, Lopburi Thailand, August 2017

Lopburi Thailand, August 2017

Ken Goldstein on location, Kyoto Japan, July 2017

Kyoto Japan, July 2017

Ken Goldstein on location, Bali Indonesia, August 2017

Bali Indonesia, April 2016

Ken Goldstein on location, Tongatapu Tonga, November 2014

Tongatapu, Tonga November 2014