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iPhone Camera Apps Comparison

I have seen a number of reviews and comparisons for camera apps, but I often wonder if the people doing these reviews are actually professional photographers, as they often overlook essential controls and features when reviewing an app. I am a professional iPhone Photographer. I make a living off of my the image I capture with my iPhone. Over the past three and a half years since I ditched my DSLR gear and started using my iPhone full time, I have captured over 100,000 images with various iPhone models. I hope that this experience will prove useful to those reading this comparison and assist them in their pursuit of great iPhone photography.

posted 14/11/17

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iPhone Camera Aspect Ratios

What is an aspect ratio? Put simply, an aspect ratio refers to the proportions of the width in relation to the height of an image. The aspect ratio is primarily determined by the sensor on the camera you are using.

posted 28/07/17

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Macbook Pro Retina Review For Photographers

Let me start by saying that this is a non-technical review. There are enough technical reviews of the new Apple MacBook Retina out there. This is a hands-on preliminary review after a week of using the new MacBook Retina.

posted 16/07/12

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